Our Services
Brakes and Suspension
Both of these items are crucial to your vehicles performance and safety. A proper inspection and repair of these areas can prevent later problems with driveability or safety.

TIres and Alignment
A new set of tires can last much longer when paired with a 4-wheel alignment. Any  faulty steering or suspension parts effecting wheel alignment can effect driveability and tire wear.
Engine services
Ensuring that your vehicle will not let you down by keeping internal components that may wear and cause failure over time such as timing belts and water pumps can keep you on the road.
Custom and Performance

If you are looking to upgrade or customize your vehicle we have you covered. From wheels and tires to suspension and engine upgrades check with us for pricing and availability. We cover diesel and gasoline applications.
About Us
Clouser Auto Repair has been operating in Auburn since 1979. We are a family owned and operated shop that can help with almost any kind of repair. We specialize in general automotive maintanence, tires, and repairs however we also sell and install aftermarket and performance parts. 
  • General maintenance
  • Tires and wheels
  • Tune up and
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Alignments
  • Engine and Performance